Canadian Institute of Sufi Studies


What you see and hear in all our Canadian Institute of Sufi Studies (CISS) communications, at in person gatherings, and in our online school (includes all our online locations, including online classes and Facebook posts) is not for copying and reposting without explicit permission from the Canadian Institute of Sufi Studies. Please respect the confidentiality of what people share in all aspects and areas of our community. If it helps, imagine you are entering someone’s private home and are having a private discussion that is not meant for the wider public sphere, who don’t have a context for the conversation. Thank you for respecting people’s privacy as you engage with them via CISS communications and gatherings.

While we encourage our members to speak openly and freely and to participate in these discussions and mutual exchanges, we also encourage our members to protect the privacy of each other by adhering to our confidentiality guidelines. Dissemination of our members private information without that members authority or consent is hereby expressly denied.

CISS Recording disclaimer for ZOOM & and all other recording mechanisms (audio & video)

All attendees will now receive a notification in ZOOM, insha'Allah, when a CISS Online School session is being recorded, Attendees have the option to consent to being recorded and stay in the session, or leave the meeting if they do not consent to being recorded.

All recorded video and audio is archived for CISS educational purposes and future use. These recordings may be shared with Dervishes and guests, at the discretion of CISS, and are for personal use only. Please do not share the link, recording or files with others. CISS has the right to refuse to share or revoke sharing access at any time.

CISS Non-Endorsement Clause

The Canadian Institute of Sufi Studies (CISS) provides links to websites, documents, forms, advertising space, announcements, and other information as a service to its members. Inclusion on the CISS website, media releases, brochures, or other mediums utilized by CISS to disseminate information to its members does not imply any endorsement by CISS. Furthermore, inclusion on any CISS platforms does not indicate endorsement by CISS of those products or services and cannot be held liable for any non-compliance with the advertiser’s licensing requirements, regulation, or legislation. Members are cautioned to use their own judgement as the views, level or quality of service of said third party advertisers are not guaranteed or verified by CISS. CISS has the right at any time to restrict access of advertisers on their platforms to avoid the appearance of inappropriate endorsement.